Interactive Non-Euclidean Geometry 1.0


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Interactive Non-Euclidean Geometry is an interactive program for creating ruler and compass constructions in euclidean, spherical and hyperbolic geometry.

This program has been created by Carlos Criado-Cambon and Juan-Carlos Criado-Alamo. Universidad de Malaga (UMA). Spain.

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This program has been created for drawing in euclidean,  and  spherical geometries, and also in the four most popular models of hyperbolic geometry. You can put points, lines, segments, circles, and analyze distances, angles and triangle areas. You can move points checking the drag&drop tool. You can see your picture in four different models at the same time.


The four models of hyperbolic geometry

You can draw and view simultaneously in these four models:

·        Klein model.

·        Poincaré model.

·        Half-plane model.

·        Hemisphere model.





The ‘point’ tool


If you want to plot points you can check this option. Move the mouse over any one of the models and the help shows you the position. Click over the site where you want to put the point with the left button.


The points are the basic option of this program because all the other options need points to work.



Selecting points


Click over a point to select it.


-In spherical geometry and in the hemisphere model in hyperbolic geometry you can put and select points in the back side by using the right button of the mouse. You can also change the point of view using the lateral Trackbar.












The ‘drag&drop’ tool


You can move the points with this tool. All the objects associated with the point that you are moving will be moved too. Check the option and press the mouse over the point; then, move the mouse while you keep the button tight.



The others tools


Ø      Segment tool. Select two points to create the corresponding segment.


Ø      Line tool. Select two points to create the corresponding line.


Ø      Circle tool. Select two points (center and radius) to create a circle.


Ø      Distance tool. Select two points to see the distance between them.


Ø      Angle tool. Select three points to see the angle ( < 180º ) between them.


Ø      Triangle area tool. Select three points to see the area of the corresponding triangle.


 (For 3D-Euclidean Geometry see Geomet3D)