Geomet3D is an analytic geometry program in 3D. You can put points, vectors, lines, and planes; and do basic analytic geometry operations with them. This program is created by Juan Carlos Criado Alamo (IES Los Manantiales, Torremolinos, Málaga, Spain). For any comment, you can send an email to or


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Program basic structure.

The points are the basic structures in the program. After they there are the vectors. To put a vector you have to select two points (initial and terminal points). Next, there are lines and planes. If you want to put anyone of them, you have to select a point (which belongs to the line or the plane) and a vector (parallel to the line or perpendicular to the plane). In the status bar appear successively instructions to do any of these options.




How to put points.

To put a point, you have to select the “Point” option and you’ve to click in the screen in the site where you want to put it (in the status bar in the window’s bottom will appear the coordinates of the point). If you want to put the point in z ≠ 0 then you have to keep pressed the mouse and move it vertically. That will change the z coordinate of the point.

















How to select objects.

You need to select objects to put vectors, lines, planes, and do all the operations. First, you must click “Select/Move” button. After that, you can select a point on the screen or in the list located in the right side of the window. All the other objects must be selected only from the list.


Changing and seeing objects’ properties.

You can change an object that has already been put. You have to select the object and then click with the right button of the mouse over it. Then there is a contextual menu where you have to click over “Properties…” and will appear a window with the object properties. You can change the coordinates of a point, the initial point or terminal point of a vector, the position of a vector, the point or the vector that defines a line or a plane…You can move the x-y coordinates of a point just in the screen with the mouse.



Doing operations.

To do an operation, you have to click in the “Operations” button and then choose the operation you want to do. You must select the objects in the order that they appear in the menu.




You can change scales in the textboxes “Width” and “Height”. You can also change scales in the two buttons up in the window, “+” and “-“. In Menu>Tools>Change scale you can select an option to fit the scale.




To save a drawing to be later loaded with Geomet3D you can do it in Menu>File>Save>Geom3D format… or if you want to save it as a bitmap you can do it in Menu>File>Save>Bitmap …

Sometimes the screen erases itself. You have to click over “Refresh” and then will appear the drawing again.

You can change the color and the width of all the objects.

Clicking over “Show axis” you can see the x-y axes in the screen.